The news about the new projects and investors

On the September 15th Colsen organized the first Poul-AR® seminar in Turkey with success. Colsen was happy to welcome over 70 representatives from the Turkish poultry and biogas sector in the Bursa Holiday Inn for an introduction of its newest technology: Poul-AR®. The seminar was started with some inspiring opening words from Jaap Satter (Dutch embassy, agricultural attaché), Cemal Polat (Bursa, vice governor), Şükrü Köse (deputy mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality), Mustafa Uysal (president of Bursa Branch of Enverder) and Suat Şahin (president of the European Regional Committee of the World Turkish Business Council).

The introduction of those important speakers mainly focused on the importance of renewable energy, sustainable environmental technologies, but definitely also on economic opportunities for the agricultural sector investing in the new technologies for manure treatment.

Colsen proceeded the seminar with a general introduction of the Colsen brand and their technologies and references for and in the agricultural sector stressing the opportunities for the Turkish market. After the introduction a more detailed presentation was given regarding the Poul-AR® technology itself.

After a networking lunch, the seminar proceeded at the pilot location of Colsen at Burdan Egg. Colsen is currently running a pilot demonstration project at which poultry manure is treated in a Poul-AR® system in combination with thermophilic digestion using 100% pretreated chicken manure as substrate.