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The International Business Consultants Organization owes her existence to her members' knowledge and experience in the field of import and export. Our clients are internationally oriented small and medium sized companies that wish to invest in new businesses and markets. IBCO's services aim at the continuity of transactions between its clients and the new markets by building bridges, e.g. by providing market research, matchmaking, supervision and negotiation of new contracts. IBCO's import and export consultants are the core of the organisation: without exception they are experienced professionals, who combine practical expertise with fluency in three or more foreign languages. We offer services with regard to the following countries: * Turkey * Balkans Countries * Saudi Arabia and the Middle East * Iran * Russia IBCO can provide a general market and a competition analysis, perform product and price investigation, investigate market access possibilities, distribution and logistic structures, and execute feasibility studies. We have reached our goal when a secure bridge has been built between two companies, and our client has set foot on a foreign market that was initially difficult to approach. Through our concept of a "result orientated approach" our clients receive a structural and individual market for their products.

Export is by necessity a demanding process. Facing a once-only import export for example, companies will find high barriers and limited information. In such cases, the necessary knowledge and experience is often not at direct disposal, even more so when a country with a totally different business culture is involved. The complexity of all aspects of import and export that need to be analysed regularly, necessitates good care for common interests. In order to achieve one's goal, a close cooperation between our client and the IBCO experts is of utmost importance. An open-minded and direct approach, based on mutual trust and respect, largely determines the positive outcome of our efforts. In our work, we aim at perfection, a high service level, and a close, long-term relationship with our clients.

IBCO can find potential customers, take stock of the right distribution networks, make acquisitions in a foreign language if so required, approach the right representative, schedule appointments, perform company visits, estimate the business opportunities, set up a database of contacts for our clients.

Business guidance

IBCO can organise trade missions, supervise estimates, negotiate price and delivery conditions, perform product demonstrations, participate at trade shows, and offer translation services, e.g. that of legal documents, contracts and tenders.

The way we do business

As an International Business Consultants Organization, we prefer working in close contact with our client. Our experience and skill will obviously be less effective without our client's valuable input. As an import and export firm, our organization has a clear, internationally oriented multidisciplinary character. Naturally, the cooperation within a team of experts is of utmost importance for the quality of the work; in practice this often leads to combining our efforts with those of our client's specialists and local affiliates. A market research study for an export company, for instance, often requires the help of local consultants, marketers, fiscal, legal and foreign trade experts.

Our market research is carefully planned: in the case of a complicated large market, the execution will be divided into several phases in order to guarantee the timely adjustment of the client's goals, if necessary. Our experts are trained to set up an efficient market research execution plan, including a well-defined scope of work with clear objectives to be met together with an accurate budget and exact time schedule. Finally, a proposal based on sound research will be presented, enabling the client to take a well-informed final decision.
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